Food & Drinks

At Kayuca you can always enjoy specialty coffee or a freshly squeezed juice from 11 a.m. to start the day. Have breakfast or settle down on the couch for a good lunch and of course an extensive dinner at sunset. Of course there is plenty of space in between to have a nice drink with our bites and cocktails.

What's on the menu? Just what you want in the summer. Think Pink Pancakes, our famous Kayuca Frites, various rich pitas, ribeye, delicious bowls, of course a beef burger and plenty of vega and vegan options.


Did you know that every Saturday and Sunday we have Kayuca's Breakfast for only €12.50 per person? Every Saturday and Sunday we have a grand breakfast buffet! We arrange fresh rolls, croissants, mini chocolate rolls, various meats and a yoghurt station for your own homemade yoghurt bowl ;-). Kids can make their own waffles with the waffle iron with various toppings such as nutella and pink cream. Various dishes such as scrambled eggs and poached eggs avo can be ordered at the table. The amount per person includes one of our freshly made juices. Do you want to make a reservation? Click here!

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